1990 George L. Wang, founding president of CCSS, community leader
1991 Jimmy Lam, businessman, community benefactor, corporate community leader
1992 Keith Wong, 1 st Chinese principal in SUSD, Chinese historian, educational and civic leader
1993 Judge Frank Kim, Jurist, advisor and officer of Chinese Association, familyassociation, others
1994 Edward Ah Tye, businessman, Cathay Club founder, St. Mark's Church, and other civic activities
1995 Conrad Mar, extensive community activisim in both Chinese & non-Chinese affairs
1996 Dr. Ray Tom, educator and activist in education & Chinese-oriented organizations
1997 Dr. Dora Ames Lee Wong, physician; community activist & philanthropist, humanitarian
1998 Dr. Elizabeth Blanchard, educator and community leader active with Chinese Association, Soroptimist and other civic organizations
1999 Skipper K. Yee, businessman, community activitist, youth leader of Chinese Y groups