2000 Sylvia Sun Minnick, author, historian, City Councilmember, Chinese Association, Quan Ying Foundation
2001 Shirley Ng, founder/director of Chinese Folk Dance Troupe, St. Mark's church & community leader
2002 Dr. Guey Mark, Cathay Club leader, community benefactor
2003 Dr. Chen F. Liem, Chinese Association, Quan Ying Foundation & Clubhouse, CCSS Volunteer
2004 Bonnie Lew, Jene Wah board president, Folk Dance Troupe leader, community activist
2005 Victor Mow, Jene Wah director, County Supervisor, vice-mayor
2006 Robert Hong, Civil servant, community leader, community activist
2007 Dr. Teresa Chen, community leader, medical practioner
2008 Val Acoba, educator, choreographer, actor
2009 Chris Poon, community activist and local businessman
2010 Dr. Henry Wong - aerospace engineer, radiation oncologist, benefactor in United States and China