December 10, 2006 - CCSS Christmas Party

 A great group of folks came to celebrate the holidays at the CCSS Christmas Party at Jene Wah on December 10.  As usual, our potluck yielded a great menu of delicious food that we all enjoyed.  Santa came and surprised the kids with some toys and even took some older ones on his lap to whisper their Christmas longings!   A Christmas singalong led by Danny and Kathy Ho and friends made for a great afternoon of fun. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

October 17, 2006 - Autumn Moon Festival Celebration at Delta College

The October 7 Autumn Moon Festival held in Danner Hall at San Joaquin Delta College was a rousing success.  More than 140 people came to celebrate the harvest moon and enjoy a wonderful repast of tri-tip, chicken, sticky rice, and assorted side dishes and desserts, including moon cake. 

They were treated to program of Chinese song by professional vocalists and some local talent.  Couples graced the dance floor, and the kids had a ball, too.  It was great to see an assortment of families with children adopted from China attend.

September 25, 2006 - Delta Dragons Dragon Boat Racing

This was the Delta Dragons' sophomore year competing in the Northern California Dragon Boat Racing Championships, which was held September 23-24 at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay . As a new team, we didn't embarrass ourselves last year, coming in 18 th out of 36 teams. Comprised of an odd assortment of a couple of youngsters, a bunch of middle-aged folks, and several long past qualifying for senior discounts, we kept competitive with the likes of a boatload of US Marines, mostly male, and a whole lot younger than most of the Delta Dragons. How would we do in this, our second year? Read on.

We recruited enough paddlers to make up a team of 20. Unfortunately, that meant we had no substitutes so on race day EVERYONE would have participate in each and every race. Although our 2006 team ranged in age from 15 to 70, the average age was below last year's since we got more 20s and 30s involved. Yea for us!

Because we were able to practice only three times and some team members were absent from practices because of scheduling conflicts. The entire team was able paddle together only once before race day. But we surely made up with vigor and intensity what we didn't have in racing technique.

So how did we do? We were enthusiastic, energetic (age notwithstanding), and ready! But 17 other teams were readier than we were. Nevertheless, we got wet (a prerequisite for paddling fast in a low boat without much freeboard), bonded with each other, and had a great time. We're ready to do it again next year. One of our coaches, Chuck Chen, keeps reminding us that one of the paddlers on the championship team is an octogenarian, so we have a role model to emulate.

Delta Dragons was coached again this year by Chuck Chen and Sharon Beal; the captain was Francis Lau. Paddling on the team were Tracy Almarez, K.C. Biederman, Beverly Blum, Chang Cao, Lisa Cao, Julia Chapman, Ken Cheung, Dee Ann Dixon, Alex Gray, Andy Gray, Robert Hui, Gladys Ikeda, Pat Ikeda, Joseph Li, Carol McCandless, Monica Ng, Jeanette Rojo, Barbara Walker, Tom Walker, and Jeri Wong.

Come join us next year-we're going to do it again. Contact Francis Lau at 209/478-8754 or Gladys Ikeda at 209/931-2609, or drop CCSS a line at PO Box 692035 , Stockton CA 95269-2035 with your name & address/phone/e-mail address. PADDLES UP!


2006 - CCSS Scholarship Recipents

Nine scholarships to outstanding students of Chinese descent were awarded at the recent CCSS Spring Banquet. Recipients were selected by a committee headed by Dr. Jun Wang from more than three dozen applicants for their academic achievements, community service, extra-curricular activities and written recommendations.

The Ock Sam Huey Memorial Scholarship for a Delta student continuing to a four-year college went to Michelle Lee, a student who plans to study speech pathology at Eastern Washington University .

Alex Wong, the son of Kevin & Susan Wong, was awarded the Wong Shee Huey Memorial Scholarship. Alex is a graduate of Tokay High School .

The two CCSS/Ronald McDonald/ ASIA scholarships went to Jeffrey Yip of Bear Creek High School and Julie Tse from Stagg High School . Jeffrey, the son of Gary and Diane Yip plans to study architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo . Julie Tse, the daughter of Chung and Shu Tse, will be attending UC Berkeley as a pharmacy major.

Dr. Mary Ni Wang Memorial Scholarships were given to Benjamin Wong and Kayla Guissi. Benjamin, a graduate of Lodi High School , is the son of Gary and Susanne Wong. He is delaying enrolling in civil engineering at Cal Poly for a year's study on a fellowship in Germany . Kayla Guissi of Stagg High plans to study creative writing at California State University Long Beach. She is the daughter of Karniza Guissi.

The Dr. Henry and Sylvia Wong Scholarship was awarded to Tracy Lee of Stagg High School . The daughter of Gary and Diana Marr Lee, Tracy will begin her college career by studying biology at San Joaquin Delta College .

Lauren Chi is the recipient of the Chris and Florence Poon Scholarship. The Stagg senior is the daughter of Jason and Rachelle Chi and plans to major in biomedical engineering at UC Davis.

The Mary and Jimmy Lam Scholarship went to Jennifer Teng, a student at Lincoln High School and the daughter of Patrick and Yvonne Teng. Jennifer is attending Johns Hopkins University to study psychology and intends a career as a physician.

Congratulations to the nine scholarship winners. Kudos to the scholarship committee-Dr. Janwyn Funamura, Loreen Huey, Dr. Chen Liem, Clarence Louie, Miranda Wong and chair Dr. Jun Wang, for their excellent selections.


April 23, 2006 Chinese New Year Banquet

More than 140 CCSS members and their guests feasted at the Spring Festival Banquet on April 23 at On Lock Sam Resturant in Stockton.  In addition to celebrating the arrival of spring, the diners honoredBob Hong as the Chinese Citizen of the Year and saw him garner awards from CCSS, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, the California State Legislature and the United States House of Representatives.

Recipients of CCSS administered scholarships were feted and were introduced to the assemblage.  Board members were sworn in by retired Superior Court Judge Frank Kim. 

Officers for the coming year are Francis Lau, president, Loreen Huey, Vice President, Colleen Lee, Secretary, Jeri Wong, Treasurer, and Dr. Jun Wang, Chinese secretary, and Ed Soon, Past President.  Directors are Fung Wang,, Gladys Ikeda, Verna Blaine, Lilian Gong, and Mabel Morodomi, who is also the new Membership Director.